Friday, October 26, 2012

Bloggers Quilt Festival "David's Ties"

I am entering the Bloggers Quilt Festival this fall with my quilt made from David's Ties.

There is quite a story with this quilt, and I will do my best to tell it well.  David was my brother's partner for over thirty years, and this quilt is made from his ties.  David was a pulmonary specialist, and an accomplished cello player, just to highlight a few of his passions.  

These ties were beautiful, and I wanted to show them off as much as I could.  I designed a template that would use the wide end of the tie, keeping the tie shape, and working around that.

To prepare the ties, I opened them up, and then ironed featherweight interfacing to the wrong side.  This step was genius if I do say so myself, because it allowed me to cut and work with the silk, bias cut fabric without distortion.
The setting squares were made from a two inch square of fabric from my brother's bow ties.  I used raw silk for the sashing and love how nicely it complimented the shiny silk in the ties.

I used a feather plume design that I learned from Angela Walters, to highlight the larger pieces.  Each block was sixteen inches square.

I used silk radiance for the back, and it is beautiful.  The batting is wool which gave a nice loft and definition to the quilting.

As I deconstructed the ties, I saved all the labels and sewed them to the hanging sleeve.

This tie is so full of memories for my brother, and has helped him heal.  The quilt is a tribute to David, and something that my brother can hold, look at and remember.  Each tie tells a story, and now the quilt brings a new beginning to an ending.

So that is the story of David's Ties.  Thanks for looking.

This quilt is 70"x70"

Designed, pieced and quilted by me, Esther

Bed quilt
Art quilt
Scrap quilt


  1. Amazing! I didn't realize you saved the labels - such a nice touch to add them to the sleeve. Wonderful submission for the festival!

  2. It is so beautiful and so special. What a gift of love for your brother! And using the labels on the sleeve was genius. Very clever!

  3. such a wonderful way to honor David...such a comfort for your brother...such a stunning quilt

  4. Wow. What a sweet quilt. It's beautiful and the sentiment behind it is beautiful as well. ( your blog name.)

  5. Beautiful quilt, your brother will treasure forever. Your work is beautiful and your quilting is spectacular. I recognized the Angela Walters designs immediately since I have her book and hope to use the plume feathers on a wedding quilt waiting in the wings.

  6. What a special quilt! Such a lovely way to honour David (and your brother)...

    I adore the way you used the structure of the ties to design your blocks. I can see Angela's influence in there, too, and your quilting is gorgeous. It's absolutely beautiful!

  7. Absolutely Beautiful! What a precious and special gift this must be for your brother.

  8. Such a touching story and the way you made them all into a quilt is amazing. A touching gift for your brother to remind him of the days and years spent with David.

    I've given many ties away that my husband had through the years. Your idea for the design and how you quilted them would have been a way for me to make a quilt. I hope your sharing your process will be an inspiration to someone else. It is just a lovely quilt!

  9. I love your quilt! It is a great use of ties, and I know your brother cherishes it.

  10. this is beautiful! I love the way the quilting stands out against the shimmery ties.

  11. Stunning, creative and 'green.' What a beautiful way to reuse and showcase keepsakes in a way that can be cherished.

  12. Tears in my eyes - it's wonderful and I'm thinking of my dear friend, John.

  13. A very unique way to piece the blocks!

  14. A very special quilt. I love the quilting, too.

  15. Beautiful quilt and what a special tribute to your brother's partner.